Domination Black – Judgement IV

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: July17th, 2020


Another band from Finland I‘ve never heard any song from before. But “Judgement IV“ contains music that immediately catches its listener. Due to the keyboards, I sometimes feel myself reminded on the sadly underrated STARGAZERY. Vocalist Matias Palm has a very varied voice, so he is able to capture the different moods of the songs perfectly. Mainly old school metal on the ten songs but some moderen ingredients as well. “Center Of The Universe“ is a tune Tobi Sammet nowadays would kill for.  Some STRATOVARIUS similarities here and there (“VAT“) – no wonder as both bands are from the same country. “Beyond The Shadows“ is the name of the great ballad  on which Matias Palm sounds a bit like ROB HALFORD and which is my favorite tune of the album. “This Endless Fall“ could easily be a great part of any ALLEN/LANDE CD and is another highlight. As  there are no weak tunes on this effort, I‘d warmly like to recommend “Judgement IV“ to every metalhead.  May this domination continue!


Andreas Höhn

Track List:

1. The Judgement

2. Obsession

3. Center Of The Universe

4. VAT

5. Though The World Perish

6. Beyond The Shadows

7. This Endless Fall

8. Master Of Deception

9. Empire Of Lunacy

10. In The Abyss

Domination Black – Center Of The Universe (Official Video)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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