Intelligent Music Project V – Life Motion

Intelligent Music Project V – Life Motion

Label: Intelligent Music

Release date: July 24th, 2020


Bulgarian all-star project which already starts into round 5 with “Life Motion“, but I have to confess I only heard the name of these ambitious efforts before. Shame on me, if the other four CDs are only near as good as this one, I’ve really missed a lot of great music. Led by Milen Vrabevski MD and co-produced by none other than ex TOTO skinbeater SIMON PHILIPPS, the guys easily manage to combine sophisticated music with catchiness. Take ASIA in their JOHN PAYNE period, add a bit of MIKE & THE MUSIC, GOTTHARD circa “Homerun“ plus the commercial parts of ALAN PARSONS and you might have a clue how IM sounds.  Fronted by Ronnie Romero (getting better every time I‘m listening to his voice), JOHN PAYNE and Richard Grisman (RIVER HOUNDS), the latter completely unknown to my ears and a bunch of great songs on offer, it‘s easy to shine for the trio.  In a better musical climate, one could release half a dozen tracks as singles rom this release. “Life Motion“ is Sophisticated Rock of the highest order. If you have a weak spot for any of the bands mentioned above, then this record is a must buy! 


Andreas Höhn

Track List:

1. A Kind Of Real Life

2. Don‘t Let Them Win

3. Where I Belong

4. Let Me In

5. We Keep On Running

6. By The Side Of The Minute

7. Run Away

8. The Final Act

9. Reflecting

10. Every Time

11. Rising

12. The Things In Your Mind

Intelligent Music Project – Every Time (live video)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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