Perfect Plan – Time For A Miracle

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: September 4th, 2020


PERFECT PLAN were one of the surprises of the Melodic Rock genre in 2018. Two yearslater, the Swedes are now back with CD number two. In my opinion, the bunch has “americanised“ their sound a little more, so supergroups like GIANT, THE STORM and FOREIGNER come to mind. After the first few spins, there is no obvious hit like “In And Out Of Love“ from the debut, but that doesn‘t mean “Time For A Miracle“ isn‘t as impressive as its predecessor. All you need is a little more patience. The title track is an impressive opener, while on “Heart To Stone“ singer extraordinaire Kent Hilli sounds like a deadringer to Kelly Hansen from FOREIGNER. “Fighting To Win“ is a killer ballad Mick Jones would die for. “Everytime We Cry“ equals every JIM PETERIK tune during the last years. “What About Love“ is as close you can get to every FOREIGNER super hit of the 80’s and would make a fine addition to every blockbuster movie of the era. “Don‘t blame it On Love Again“ ist the most Scandi sounding of the CD and a great choice for a single.  I‘d like to give the extremely punchy, in-your-face production a special mention, because the one offered here is the icing of the cake to a great record!


Andreas Höhn

Track List:

1. Time For A Miracle

2. Better Walk Alone

3. Heart To Stone

4. Fighting To Win

5. Everytime We Cry

6. What About Love

7. Nobody’s Fool

8. Living On The Run

9. Just One Wish

10. Don’t Blame It On Love Again

11. Give A Little Lovin’

12. Don’t Leave Me Here Alone

Perfect Plan – Time For A Miracle (Official Video)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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